No, this is not about the Panama Papers. It’s a little smaller.

I am prone to making sort of vague plans for myself or my kids and bailing on them.

Things like going for a hike or making a new recipe. Or doing a science experiment with the boys. But because the plans are only in my head, generally, no one knows how frequently I totally whiff on the follow-through.

So as I was cleaning up my million Pinterest boards of recipes and art projects and science experiments and feeling a little guilty about the rate at which these things pile up without me actually trying any of them, and decided that forcing myself to increase my innovation and productivity outside work is as good a use as any of my effectively-abandoned blog that nobody reads but me anyway.

I will be doing my best to post about at least one project, structured activity, or recipe a week.

For my first trick, I tried to make Mac and grilled cheese tomato soup. To be fair, I a) used a shortcut and b) screwed up the recipe, but the results were… Not delicious.

This recipe is effectively a cheesy tomato bisque with macaroni in it and topped with home made croutons to approximate a grilled cheese sandwich.

I should note that I heart grilled cheese and tomato soup. I heart it so much that back when I lived in a college residence, my friends would call me in the morning when it was grilled cheese and tomato soup day in dining hall, just because I was ridiculously excited about it. Every time.

I have limited time and willingness to wash dishes in my life, so when I was at the grocery store picking up ingredients and spotted a bag of cheddar bacon croutons, I smelled a shortcut. The error came in when I accidentally added 2 cups of shredded cheese and  2 cups of Greek yogurt to the tomato soup base, rather than 2 cups of shredded cheese and 1 cup of Greek yogurt. The immediate colour change in the pot signalled something was very wrong. That said, it would have made little difference. It turns out that I love grilled cheese. I love tomato soup. I love them paired. But I don’t like them puréed together.

Now I have 3 litres of soup-I-don’t-really-like in my fridge.

Yay accountability!