Calling Bluffs – AKA You Can’t Win ‘Em All

My smallest munchkin, Rory, had his half-birthday this week. His big brother Ben and I baked a half-birthday cake and then Rory grinned toothlessly at us while the rest of us ate it.

This baby is punctual. He arrived approximately 36 hours prior to his planned caesarean and, with one notable exception which I will probably write about some day, has been meeting developmental milestones right on target ever since. So it came as no major surprise that on the morning after his half-birthday, he started gumming up a storm and a tooth was suddenly in evidence, although not yet quite through.

He’s been having a tough go of it, so we’ve been medicating for pain. On Saturday evening, Ryan and I were due out at a New Year’s dinner thrown by a friend with a January birthday who likes parties but not talking about his age. We got dressed to go and gave Rory a dose of infant Tylenol. Ben was sitting at the kitchen counter eating dinner, and watched with great interest as I measured out the medication.

“I am not feeling vewy well,” he announced.

I internally rolled my eyes. Children’s Tylenol has so much sweetener in it that it’s like drinking Purity syrup (which any non-Newfs will need to look up). Ben’s pretty keen on it. And he certainly hadn’t mentioned feeling off earlier in the day.

“Oh,” I replied with slightly exaggerated concern. “If you don’t feel well, maybe you should go get in bed with Blankie – a little sleep should help you feel better.” It was nearly an hour before bedtime. Usually the suggestion of a nap as a route to anything is roundly denounced, and I fully expected that Ben would suddenly feel just fine.

“Ok, I think I will do that,” answered the munchkin. And off he went.

He hadn’t had a proper nap, so I was surprised but not concerned. Ryan and I headed out for our dinner, leaving him in the capable hands of the nanny.

Lo and behold, he slept for 16 hours and woke up with a fever of 39.6. So much for calling his bluff – I felt terrible for effectively ignoring his oncoming illness. He was a sad little boy all day on Sunday, and took today off from school because his temperature wasn’t quite back to normal, but seems to be bouncing back nicely.

Moral of the story: The kiddies are tricky creatures. Just when you think you’ve got them all figured out…


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