2015: The Year Kate Learns New Shit

This is the story of how we got here.

I am human: ergo, I suck at resolutions.

I have tried instituting daily to-do lists before, but I end up finding it demoralizing when I don’t get all my items checked off every day, which of course I don’t – see above re: human. I should get back to running, but it’s really bloody cold out and everyone else has decided to go to the gym. I need to eat better, but my house is still full of Christmas chocolate.

In an effort to avoid discouragement, this year’s resolutions are more aspirational. Run. Write. Learn French.

I was hoping an app would let me set my resolutions up sort of like daily affirmations, maybe attached to my alarm clock, so that I could be reminded of them without feeling guilty about my inevitable failings. But I wasn’t able to find one.

I will note at this stage that technology hates me. In fact, if my computer doesn’t manage to eat this post it will be something of a miracle. Nevertheless, I blithely thought I should just write the app that I wanted. That concept lasted all of about twelve seconds, seeing as I can’t program.

But during that twelve seconds, I came across Ladies Who Code, who are hosting a WordPress workshop in late January, and decided to seize the moment.

With that, I have re-oriented my resolutions within a larger theme of trying new things and learning new skills. So far, I have started a French conversation class, and I look forward to learning more about WordPress so that I can combine my resolution to write with gaining some website skills.

It’s going to be a good year.


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